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SLU - 1550

SLU - 1550

Capacity up to

1000 Kg/h

Shaft diameter

500 mm

Power of the actuating motor

55 KW

Actuating motor power

1500 rpm

Shaft speed

800 rpm


~380 V

Dimensions with a hopper

1850х1590х3190 mm


3100 kg



Product Description

Bottles are charged into the hopper of a special construction. This construction prevents from emission of materials. Passing through the rotating and stationary knives, raw materials are crushed and washed.  Crushed materials pass through the grid hole and then get into the discharge hopper. SLF 1550 is known for its compact dimensions. It is highly productive and economical. It is possible due to the size of the discharge hopper (540х780mm), shaft diameter and quality steel of the knives.