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SLU - 2000

SLU - 2000

Capacity up to

700 Kg/h

Shaft diameter

340 mm

Power of the actuating motor

45 KW

Actuating motor speed

1470 rpm

Shaft speed

960 rpm

Length of the stationary knife

 304 mm

Length of the plug knife

 149 mm

Clearance between knives

0.2-0.5 mm

Dimensions with a hopper

1720х1360х2100 mm


2400 kg

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Product Description

SLU-2000 is used forgrinding of plastic waste materials such as large bars, gates, oploi etc. The size of fractions is determined by the diameter of the grid hole, which is situated under the shaft. The size of the grid hole can be chosen according to the customer’s requirements.