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The company “Stankopolimech” offers extruders for polymers. Extruders can be of different productivity and at beneficial prices. There is different equipment for recycling. We are ready to provide a 12-month guarantee on any equipment, as well as to teach you how to use this specialized equipment.

Extrusion is a process of molten or liquid mass squeezing of through the special hole. This technology is usually used in extruders in order to get:

  • Pipes of different sections.
  • Plastic plates and panels
  • Electric cables and films
  • Corrugated tubes 

 Extruder is the equipment which is used for mixing polymers (agglomerate, granules) and for further squeezing of homogeneous mass through the die.  Extruders help make the required shape of products.

Extruder can recycle different types of polymers, including low or high-density polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC, polycarbonate and ABC-plastic. Nowadays the extrusion of bioplastic has been becoming more widely spread.

How does an extruder for polymers work?

The equipment is used for getting details through the process of squeezing of polymer melt. During the process, raw materials are exposed with the mechanical loadings, elevated temperatures and humidity. Extruders are used to make details from polymers, which have complex shapes. Other types of production are impracticable.

The simplest one screw extruder consists of the only material cylinder which is divided into three main sectors:

  • Feed section. Passing through the screw flights, granulated or powdery raw materials are compacted under the pressure.
  • Melting and plasticization sections. These sections are responsible for recycling of raw materials due to the partial melting. Materials, which have passed the molding, form a plug that runs along the screw for further formation.
  • Metering zone. Here homogenization takes place. Then raw materials are passed through the forming die.

It is important to notice that this division is conditional. Constructional features can differ depending on the type, purpose and productivity of the particular equipment.

Types of extruders according to their usage.

The equipment for PVC recycling is one of the most widely spread in the industry. This equipment is produced with one or two screws. PVC extruders allow to make products of different shapes, starting with filamentary and ending with plates’ shapes. It is possible to produce products of difficult geometric shapes.

The equipment for producing pipes is the other type of extruders. Its main difference is in the existence of the degassing system, which eliminates air and other gases from   homogenized mixture. Extruders with two screws are used for processing pipes, they are also equipped with the additional barrier screw which divides semi-finished products with different consistency.

The equipment for producing polyethylene is also widely spread. This equipment is used for producing films of different thickness and it is equipped with special round slit filters. There are different types of such extruders. Some of them are highly productive, others can be set in non-productive places.

We should mention an extrusion line. This equipment consists of the system of preparing and charging of raw materials, cooling units, the system of marking, details for winding and cutting products. The construction of the extrusion line can be different in accordance with particularities of the technological process.

            In order to clarify the price or to buy suitable extruders, you can contact our company representatives. Our equipment is certified and has the guarantee.

Our prices in catalogues are lower than our competitors have. We have been producing this equipment for 15 years, it means that you can get not only low prices but also unique technological developments which are represented in our equipment.