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Single-shaft shredders

The company "Stankopolimech" produces single-shaft shredders which are intended for crushing bulky solid plastic waste and woo d. The equipment is produced in accordance with all the quality and safety requirements. Its productivity is up to 800 kg/h.

shaft is a detail which is responsible for crushing waste. There is the equipment which consists of a few shafts. They are used for crushing materials till the smallest size.

Range of single-shaft shredder use:

  1. Wood recycling companies choose this equipment in order to optimize expenses on waste exporting. The amount of unnecessary wood can be decreased with the help of single-rotor shredders.
  2. The equipment is used to make the cleaning and utilization easy in housing services and utilities.
  3. Industrial enterprises choose this equipment in order to facilitate the utilization.

Productivity is the main characteristic of single-shaft shredders. It shows how many kilograms of raw materials can be processed by the shredder. Obviously, if the productivity increases, the energy consumption will increase too. That is why it is very important to choose the variant which will meet the requirements and at the same time there will be the minimum energy consumption.     

If it is necessary, you can order changed or additional single-rotor shredder in accordance with your requirements.

2) Our planet is being polluted and we should not forget about this problem. Daily, the number of waste has been increasing and it should pass a lot of time before it disappears.  

If you are on our website, you understand this problem and realize how it is important to sort and process waste. In order to do these processes, you need special equipment, we are ready to offer it to you. The double-shaft shredder is the necessary equipment for work with rubber, polymers and plastic.

 The single-shaft shredder is characterized by high-power and low noise-threshold. Our equipment is characterized by balanced power consumption which is very good for your financial position. Moreover, we produce shredders for big bags.

Why should you choose us?

You can buy this irreplaceable low-price equipment in our company. Also we have a lot of advantages such as

  1. Fast delivery all around the country
  2. Wide range of equipment
  3. Highly-skilled consultants
  4. The lowest prices on the Internet
  5. There are a lot of discounts and special offers

It is not the first year of our work in this sphere that is why we have already had a lot of   glad clients. You can find their references not only on our website but also on other websites.

We should remember that life of future generations is in our hands. We should get over the pollution, because it can influence their and our health. A dump is a bad and outdated way to get rid of waste products. We think dumps in the future will disappear.