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Productivity up to 400 kg/h
Shaft speed 85 rpm
Volume of the hopper 0,45 m3
Shafting  Belt trasmission
Power of the actuating motor 18,5 kW
Size of the working door 600x400 mm
Diamensions 1550x1200x1750 mm
Weight 1600 kg




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Product Description

           Raw materials are charged into the Shredder’s hopper. Raw material are crushed, getting into the rotating shaft with the pusher. Prepared materials are discharged through the hole in the lower part of the casing. In advance materials are sifted. The discharging process occurs by hand or with the help of conveyor(It is not included in the cost).

           Knives have guaranteed hardness 53-55 HRC. They are produced from high-quality steel 9ХС, 6ХВ2С. Shredder SL-SHR- 1.400 is one of the most infallible, economical, productive equipment.