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Capacity up to 500 kg/h
Shaft diameter 355 mm
Shaft length 600 mm
Shaft speed 90 rpm
Quantity of knives 36 psc
Size of the charging hole 606x930 mm
Diamensions 2525x1345x2140 mm
Weight 3380 kg


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Product Description

Shredder’s peculiarities:

Shredder is designed to crush bulky waste products which are difficult for processing, such as large bars, gates, oploi, wood waste, plastic pipes, buckets, barrels, cardboard and paper tubes which are impossible to crush at once.

main work principles:

 Polymeric raw materials or waste polymeric materials are charged into the Shredder’s hopper. Getting with the pusher on the rotating shaft. Prepared materials are discharged through the hole in the lower part of the casing. In advance materials are sifted. The discharging process occurs with the help of the conveyor.

Electronic system protects against overloading. The pusher stops for 2 seconds if it appears current overloading and then the pusher starts working again. If rotor speed becomes lower than its nominal speed, the engine will stop its work and then starts reverse rotation. The pusher comes to the end and only then the work of the shredder starts again. This function is necessary in order to clean raw materials off jammed shaft.